I truly enjoy working with each of my new and regular clients.

I schedule individual 60-minute sessions by phone or in person for $125, and 30-minute sessions for $70.

For those with Apple devices, I can also Facetime if you prefer.


GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE: contact me to purchase


ANGEL PARTIES: contact me for details if you would like to arrange for an Angel Party in your home – host receives a complimentary reading.

Healing Sessions


To make an appointment, use the link at right to schedule your date and time, then return to this page and pay using the link above.



Essential Session $70 (30 minutes) – Ascended Session $125 (60 minutes)

30 or 60-minute session by phone appointment (phone, Facetime or Skype) – this session allows for it all; meeting your Angels and receiving healing therapy from them. You will have time to address many areas of your life and really focus on areas that you are currently working through. This is a good way to deeply connect with an Angel or loved one, to receive messages of healing and to allow you to process this gift as we develop a deeper connection with your Angels and Spirit Guides. If your are going through many changes in your life that seem to be happening “all at once”, this session may help you gain clarity and focus and regain a sense of direction.*


*15-minute intervals can be added to each session for $35


“Allow your heart to open and allow your soul to expand as it remembers the oneness with Spirit that is present in all things.”